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About Betty ReeZ WhoopieZ

BettyReeZ WhoopieZ mission is to provide the best tasting whoopie pie at an affordable price and allow the customer to choose the quantity of each flavor in the one dozen minimum order to accommodate his/her individual taste!


The business began in June, 2005 with the “Traditional” whoopie pie, which just happened to be a favorite family recipe growing up.  My mother would make this special treat for our family of 10 during mid-year and final exams, her heartwarming and gracious way of helping us all get through the tedious task of studying and testing.  After the family grew up, we continued making this treat for family gatherings and holiday parties.  We truly enjoy watching the faces of those who have never tried one and the positive reaction it brings - especially to those who have never liked whoopie pies!  After making several dozen at a time for many events, it was suggested by family members and friends that I start a whoopie pie business. Although it took a little coaxing and convincing, I ultimately decided this hobby might just be worthwhile - definitely fun!  WHOOP-E! 

So many delicious flavors!
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