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Delightful Maine Treats

These gourmet whoopie pies are baked in the warmth of my Freeport, Maine kitchen, so rich in flavor with a taste and texture to savor for your own, for gift giving any time of the year, for functions or special occasions, or when that usual dessert just won’t do!

I use only the finest ingredients.  Each whoopie pie is individually wrapped and may be stored in the refrigerator or freezer for longer lasting freshness - will last up to 14 days unrefrigerated or up to a year in the freezer.

These are not your typical whoopie pies that are baked and sold in Maine and New England.  The Betty ReeZ WhoopieZ is similar to a soft cookie with a rich, creamy filling. Although smaller in size, this gourmet whoopie pie is quite filling and satisfying!

I offer a variety of flavors to accommodate everyone’s taste, with additional flavors being offered throughout the year!

Betty ReeZ WhoopieZ can be purchased at these retail locations

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