Betty Reez
Whoopie Pies

Minimum order - 1 dozen $2.25 each - $27.00/dozen - regular size (3")
$1.50 each - $18.00/dozen - small size (2")

$30.00 Cake FLAVORS: Traditional
Everyday Whoopie Pie FLAVORS:
Chocolate Mocha
Peanut Butter
Oatmeal w/Maple
Gingerbread w/Lemon

Other seasonal flavors available upon request

GLUTEN FREE available - only in the chocolate whoopie pie flavors

Whoopie Pie Cake - 8" For Maine Wedding Favors and Special Occasions: Let Betty ReeZ help with your special occasion, including Birthdays, Graduations, Thank-You Gifts, Rehearsal Dinners, Guest Rooms, Corporate Gifts, and Baby and Wedding Shower Favors.

Specializing in Maine Wedding Favors, I will work with and deliver to your wedding reception venue, from Bangor to York, Maine.

Packaging for wedding favors and/or special occasions includes your choice of white or cream colored round labels with your choice of personalization/message.    Also includes colored ribbon to coordinate your wedding colors or occasion.   Price for the wedding favors/special occasion whoopie pies:   Regular 3" Size - $2.50 each      Smaller 2" Size - $1.75 each.  Free delivery within Freeport.  All other out-of-town locations will be charged a delivery fee to be determined by the distance required for delivery. A deposit will be required upon confirmation of order.  The balance shall be due in full upon delivery.